Family events

Bringing the past to life through performances, talks and tours

'Rosie Raja: Churchill's Spy' book cover

Rosie Raja: Churchill's Spy

Sufiya Ahmed on her thrilling and empowering Second World War adventure set in occupied France.

'Billie Swift Takes Flight' book cover

Billie Swift Takes Flight

Iszi Lawrence on her gripping, coming-of-age adventure set during the Second World War.

'Resist' book cover

Resist: One Girl’s Fight Back Against the Nazis

Award-winning children’s author Tom Palmer on the incredible work of the Second World War Dutch resistance.

'Darwin and Hooker' book cover

Darwin and Hooker

Join the author and illustrator of this tale of friendship, curiosity and discovery for a draw-along storytelling event.

Online resources

Extending the festival fun with activities you can try at home

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