Chelsea’s Little Theatres: 1914-18 and Beyond


By the early 20th century, Chelsea had become the bohemian and artistic centre of London. In this tour, Dr Claudia Tobin will tell you about a little-known but important aspect of the area’s artistic legacy: the ‘Little Theatres of Chelsea’.

Leading up to and during the First World War, artists, writers, and theatre practitioners moved to the area and a culture of experimental performance developed in makeshift theatres and studios. The communities which grew up around the Little Theatres often shared an interest in aesthetic synthesis and collaboration across different art forms, which was partly inspired by the revolutionary Ballet Russes, as well as a commitment to the wartime peace movement.

In this digital tour, you will learn about some of the key figures and sites in Chelsea’s ‘Little Theatres’ network.


Thank you to our sponsors, Cadogan and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

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